I run a range of short after school Bush craft Skills right up to full day of activities. All courses are tailored to your school individual needs, but below is a sample of different skills your students can learn.

I am also able to give talks within your school for the origins of Bushcraft with looking though the ages of man within the UK. Looking at tools they used, structures they built, food they ate and clothes they wore.

Module A- Pioneering 3/4 sessions total

Session 1- Basic Knots and shelter building

Session 2- Basic Knots and Bridge Building (can be 2 sessions)

Session 3- Paracord Key rings

Session 4- Survival Bracelets (12+ Years)


Module B- Fire Lighting 3 sessions


Session 1- Types of fire and different types of wood (Cook Marshmallows)

Session 2- Fire Preparation Use of Axe and Saw

Session 3- Cooking on a fire- Camp Donuts and Doe Twists


Module C- Navigation 3 sessions

Session 1- Basic Map Work 4/6 fig grid ref setting a map, map symbols

Session 2- Basic Compass Work with small orienteering course around the field

Session 3- Tracking


Module D- Water Filtration 2 session

Session 1- Different Water Filters and making it safe to drink.

Session 2- Grey Water Disposal


Module E-  Wood Carving 4/5 Sessions


Session 1- Knife Safety & Techniques

Session 2- Trolls

Session 3- Tent Pegs

Session 3- Pot Hangers

Session 4- Spoons (12+ years)





Field Dressing (Rabbit, Pigeon or Squirrel)

Team Building


I am fully Insured as a Forest Schools Provider for Adults and Children, this, Session Plans with Key Learning Points and Risk Assessments are made available upon request.

I run my sessions with Every Child Matters in mind at all times.