Road Kill Field Dressing Muncjac Deer

So we were on our way back from a family day out with my wife Rhoda and 4 children to an indoor play barn when I saw an opportunity on the road I could not pass up. A recently killed Muncjac Deer. I decided to pull over walk up to  the deer and check it out for a potential practice, video for YouTube and also to add something different to our dinner table.


After getting home I put the kids to bed and then headed out to a local wood in Norfolk to carry out a field dressing of the deer. This was because I had forgotten to repack my bushcraft knife back into my car after a recent lesson at a Primary School of knife safety.

It was now 2130hrs so I set up a flood light and began to dress the deer to my then shock, it was pregnant and properly about ready to give birth. This did however shock be slightly as I was not expecting to see this, but I prevailed and continued with the task in hand, dressing the deer whilst commentating for my YouTube channel as any wannabe professional.

The deer is now back at home ready for the butchery process to see what cuts I can get off it and freeze for a nice evening BBQ when it gets a bit warmer.

Too see the video please go to my YouTube Channel link below.


2019 Syrian Ration Challenge

Having served in the British Army in Iraq and Afghanistan I have witnessed first hand the effects of conflict. This is not just the residents but their infrastructure as well. Their homes, food and water supplies all affected as well. 

I have seen people rooting around burning rubbish tips in Iraq trying to find food or any items they can salvage to sell or trade/turn into items of use as well. 

This is not the way to live, in poverty over someone else’s actions! 

I am now a survival instructor and teach people to live off the land but this is a great course in showing others however rich or poor you are Refugees are all equal in what food water and aid they get. So I have entered this challenge not just for myself but to show people what this means to be a refugee just only for a week. Look at the effects this diet will have on me in physical and mental ways. 

Help join the course and help me to raise a little bit more for them. As little as 50p will still go a long way.  

I will be uploading this week as a daily vlog as we go so you will be able to keep track on how I am doing. 

So it’s finally arrived and I know I was not expecting much, but this did really shock me how little I have to live on next week!

Just 420g of Rice, that’s crazy!

But if they can do it in the camps, I can do it in the UK. 

But I am not just cooking these items up normally. NO! I like to really challenge my self. As I run a Survival YouTube Channel and the challenge is all about surviving on their rations for a week. why not combine the two. So I will be cooking all my meals over a wood fire and if it comes to it. I guess if I was living in these camps I would try to bluster up my meals in any means possible and the world has an abundance of insects. So I will try to add some edible native UK insets to some of my meals to give me that added boost as well with the odd daisy along the way!

Wish Me Luck! 

So if you would like to sponcer me duting this challenge please visit my fundraising page on the link below to help me support this course.